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92.7 BIG FM Refreshes Its Stationality Across 45 Markets


92.7 BIG FM, the largest and No.1 radio network in India, has been one of the most popular radio network in the country over the last 10 years. 92.7 BIG FM has thrived on impactful programming with each of their initiatives, catapulting the network to becoming a trendsetting leader in its space over the last decade. Empowered with thought-provoking content and innovative strategies, the radio station recently completed ten successful years, setting several benchmarks on various fronts. The ten-year journey reflects an incredible growth story for 92.7 BIG FM, one that is set to accentuate further as the network has taken its first big step to commemorate this joyous occasion. Marking its 10-year anniversary, 92.7 BIG FM is refreshing its stationality across 45 markets, whilst retaining its ethos of being a symbol of inspiration and love.

The radio network will stand by its original tagline “SunoSunao Life Banao”, revitalized by an inspiring jingle kindled by a befittingly inspiring voice – Neeti Mohan. The singer has rendered her soulful voice in 16 different languages for the jingle, which enriches the lives of its diverse listener base and inspires them to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone around them.

From a macro perspective, 92.7 BIG FM’s refreshed stationality translates to the radio station expanding its addressable target audience peppered by the young and dynamic generation of today, without losing a firm grip on its established listener base. The radio station will continue to be a beacon that influences one to spread love, happiness and positivity, by being that constant inspirational friend for its listeners throughout the day; across its morning, afternoon and evening time bands. In this essence, the radio station will continue to appeal to a wider yet diverse audience, transcending the barriers of age, geography and taste.

Spokesperson from Reliance Broadcast Networks Limited said, “Being a network that has never shied away from taking bold steps, whether it is in the form of our music, our shows, or even through our campaigns, we look at the refreshing of our identity as a forward thinking move that will set a precedent for another glorious decade ahead. The new jingle is not a mere manifestation of this step, but a reinforcement of our intent to keep inspiring every generation of listeners. On the busines s side, we provide our advertisers a highly potent platform that has the power to penetrate not just far and wide, but also deep into the minds of their respective audiences. With a renewed sense of optimism, we are confident that the refreshed stationality will be embraced by our listeners, as well as our other key stakeholders.” 

The radio network marked its 10-year anniversary by launching the BIG Anniversary game last month, which witnessed the overwhelming participation of its listeners. With so many positives going in favor of 92.7 BIG FM at this timely occasion, the radio network is only moving from strength to strength after acquiring 14 new frequencies in Phase III of the private FM auctions held last year, corroborating the launch of 14 new stations across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Northeast India. By the virtue of each of these developments, 92.7 BIG FM has consolidated its position as the largest and most followed radio network in the country.

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