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Indus Vox Media Announces The Launch Of Four New Audio Podcast Shows


After producing many path-breaking audio shows including Cyrus Says, Cricketwallah Chronicles, Maed in India amongst others; Indus Vox Media is all set to launch four new podcasts titled ‘Keepin it Queer’, ‘My Neighbour, Zuckerberg’, ‘The Seen and The Unseen’ and ‘IVM Likes’. These shows will be another feather in the cap for the largest digital audio content creators in the country as they will provide diversified, niche audio content for the urban Indian listeners.

Keepin it Queer’, a show hosted by comedian Navin Noronha welcomes members of the LGBTQ community who are out and proud. It covers everything from the quirks of their sexuality to how their lives evolved as queer individuals in the Indian context. The show launches on 9th January 2017.

My Neighbour, Zuckerberg’, a show by and for entrepreneurs, that will bring you stories of innovation, passion, adventure, struggle and creativity behind their startup. Hosted by Munaf Kapadia, Founder of The Bohri Kitchen and Nabeel Merchant, co-founder of Fixy, the show will premiere on 16th January.

The Seen and the unseen’ is a podcast that aims to examine the visible and invisible effects of public policies. Presented by well-known journalist Amit Varma, the show takes on a particular subject in every episode, and dissects its seen and unseen consequences. The host will have a panel of experts at his disposal from a variety of disciplines who will help him understand these issues. This show launches on 16th January 2017.

Starting 23rd January, ‘IVM Likes’ will be the show you want to catch if you recommendations on books, films, TV and audio shows with Amit Doshi, Sharanya S and Mae Thomas as your hosts from Indus Vox Media. We are constantly overwhelmed with options to watch, read and listen, they help by telling you what they love and what you should check out.

Amit Doshi, Founder, Indus Vox Media, commented saying – “With every new show we launch, we want to reach out a novel niche audience and eventually make 100 hours of content every week capturing listeners from all markets. The podcasting industry in India is still in its nascent stage and we want to make talk radio popular and accessible to everyone.

Having produced audio shows in varied genres ranging from Sports to Bollywood, Politics to Indie Music, and travel to fashion, Indus Vox Media is reaching out to listeners everywhere. Understanding the needs of the Indian listeners while making their niche in the audio entertainment industry, Indus Vox Media aims to bring to urban Indians premium, disruptive content and backed by cutting edge technology. The new shows will be available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Tunein, Stitcher, YouTube & wherever podcasts are available.

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