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Hitesh Bhardwaj: Simplicity is what defines me

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They say you can take the boy out of Mathura, but you can’t take Mathura out of the boy – this adage is especially true for the self-confessed small town boy – Hitesh Bhardwaj who is seen as Ravi in Agar Tum Saath Ho that airs on Zindagi every Monday – Saturday at 7 PM. While most people who come to Mumbai to realize their dreams, adapt to the trends of the big city, Hitesh Bhardwaj prefers his small town values and traditions. As he turns a year older today, he has very special and unique plans for his birthday celebrations.

Not having had a chance to celebrate his birthday with his parents and extended family in Mathura in almost 6-7 years, Hitesh has invited them to Mumbai to spend his special day with them. The talented actor who is also a poet has always missed the simple but special ways that his parents would celebrate his birthday when he used to stay with them. In Mathura, his birthday would begin with a never failing visit to the temple with his mother to seek the blessings of God and share his gratitude for the year gone by. His extended family would visit their home to wish him and he remembers them giving him token amounts which were very precious in the days that he wasn’t earning. There was no ritual of cake cutting in small towns but the highlight of his birthday would be his mother cooking the very delicious ‘Chole Bhathure’ for his family and friends along with home-made sweets. Family time with plenty of conversations and taking the blessings of his elders were what he cherishes and what he has missed the most since coming to Mumbai. His parents were reluctant to come to Mumbai on his birthday as he explains saying, “When I asked them to join me in Mumbai on my birthday, they felt that I might prefer to spend it with my friends and so I had to convince them to come, be with me. Nothing more would have made my day special than having my parents with me.”

Talking about his birthday plans, an excited Hitesh Bhardwaj said, “Since I have been working in Mumbai, I have not had a chance to celebrate my birthday with my parents for the last 6-7 years. This year I really wanted to celebrate my birthday with my parents in a simple way and try to make their day special. I plan to take my parents to the temple in the morning after which we will go to watch Dangal and then go for lunch. The next day we will drive to Shirdi and offer our thanks and prayers. In Mumbai the culture is to bring in birthdays the night before at midnight with your friends cutting cakes and partying till the early hours but I really missed the quiet and simple celebration that I used to have back home. I wanted to relive my childhood days with my parents this birthday and make it a truly specially occasion.”

Agar Tum Saath Ho centres on the journey of a rich Delhi girl, Neema (Ritu Barmecha), who marries a simple, middle class boy, Ravi (Hitesh Bhardwaj), much against her father’s wishes. The serial dwells into her life after marriage and how she deals with her meddling father.

Zindagi wishes Hitesh a happy birthday and plenty of success in the year ahead!

Watch the Hitesh Bhardwaj as Ravi in ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ at 7:00 PM every Monday-Saturday only on Zindagi!

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