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Deciphering Cyber Security with Vir Sanghvi on Virtuosity


As India goes through the biggest push towards digitisation, a group of hackers are reminding the country of its dangerous consequences. Over the past few days, several personal and institutional Twitter handles have been hacked and filled with abusive posts by a group called Legion. However, there was more to this entire digital identity swoop as they had also tapped into the email database of at least two of these individuals.

This week on Virtuosity—Stories from the News, Vir Sanghvi asks if we as a nation are equipped to protect ourselves online. The answer is clear, as, on the show, ethical hacker Saket Modi hacks into the producer’s phone in just 10 seconds. And it gets scarier when another ethical hacker Amit Dubey shows us how someone can have access to a phone’s camera remotely! Vir Sanghvi talks to both the ethical hackers to understand how online transactions can be made more secure.

Catch the full conversation this Saturday at 10:00 PM with repeats on Sunday at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM, only on CNN-News18.

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